Introducing Crossplag™

Introducing Crossplag

What is Crossplag™? The modern era has brought countless technological innovations that have improved lives for the better. However, there are downsides to it. This advancement in technology has managed to challenge even the education institutions. Seduced by alternative shorter and easier paths towards developing a research paper, students, researchers, and other writers alike, are […]

What is Crossplag™ & why is it launching?

What is Crossplag™ & why is it launching?

Inspired and urged by the immediate need to bring back ethics and integrity to academic institutions and restore honest behavior, Crossplag, a combination of words “cross-lingual” and “anti-plagiarism,” – is launching to transform the way universities, professors, students, and researchers deal with plagiarism.   But firstly: What is plagiarism and why is it a problem? […]

The “University of Medicine – TIRANA” joins Crossplag

The University of Medicine - TIRANA joins Crossplag

We are thrilled to announce that the University of Medicine – Tirana will be using Crossplag™ in the process of mentoring Ph.D. Candidates. Starting immediately, Crossplag™ will be available for professors and committees that award academic titles at UMT. We at Crossplag™ focus on helping your institution or organization have access to a more holistic approach to identifying potential […]