AI Content Detector – detecting if a text is AI generated

AI Content Detector - detecting if a text is AI generated

“Aigiarism” is a new trend that has conquered the internet, a term none of us have heard before.  Aigiarism refers to plagiarism using artificial intelligence to generate content and do the work for you. Most likely. In the past two weeks, you must have heard so much about ChatGPT and all the fantastic things you […]

What is Aigiarism? 

What is Aigiarism?

If you have opened any social media in the past week, all you could see was “ChatGPT this,” “ChatGPT that,” or “ChatGPT now.” While undeniably innovative and exciting, ChatGPT might have a dark side that you’re not seeing yet – “aigiarism.”  It’s undeniable that ChatGPT has taken the internet by storm, claiming more than 1 […]

Crossplag’s role in education

Crossplag's role in education

Everyone who understands the value of academic integrity also understands the importance of originality in a piece of writing. Every original writing not only increases your values as its author but also increases the level of academic integrity.  Because integrity is primary for every individual, the same goes for educational institutions too. For every educational […]

What is plagiarism in programming?

What is plagiarism in programming

Plagiarism is the act of presenting someone else’s work as yours, it is also known as intellectual theft. There are two types of plagiarism: intentional and accidental. Accidental plagiarism is the neglect of citation, misquoting, or unintentional paraphrasing from a source, while intentional plagiarism is when someone claims that they are the author of the […]

Content Writing Vs. Copywriting- which should you use?

Content Writing Vs. Copywriting- which should you use?

The fundamental part of raising your company to new heights is promoting it properly and reaching the right people. But what’s the best way to do so? Words. Unlike Depeche Mode which promotes silence, we encourage the usage of words to make your message loud and clear. In the company department of writing there are […]

Citation: A comprehensive guide

Citations are a reference list to indicate that specific information used in your paper is obtained from external sources. You must cite when you receive ideas, phrases, or thoughts from others from external sources to support your work in a more tangible form. In this way, you are not violating academic integrity but gradually building […]

What is patchwork plagiarism?

While plagiarism may seem like an easy way to complete a paper, it has long-term consequences for your academic career. Patchwork plagiarism is another form that is sneakier and harder to detect.  People who practice this type of plagiarism take different phrases or parts from two or three, or even more sources and structure them […]

How to manage time as a student?

Time management can be defined as the ability to organize all your commitments at certain times. By managing your time, you will find more space to do your best in lessons; also, you can find time for a few moments of relaxation. For a university student, sometimes the day, week, or even month is so […]

Academic Integrity: Accounting for Students with Disabilities

Disability is present daily, but do we understand what disability is? Disability is a physical, mental, or developmental condition that restricts a person’s capacity to perform particular tasks or engage in certain activities. It has different forms that approach a person, such as: Motion Communication method Approach to Listening The strategy for interacting with other […]

What is copyright infringement?

What is copyright infringement?

Copyright infringement involves uploading a copyrighted work without the owner’s consent. It is essential to remember that once a work, whether artistic or literary, is published, copyright is attached to it, and the publisher then becomes the work owner. How copyright is violated in different ways will be demonstrated through examples. Illegal downloading of music […]