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Our self-provisioning plagiarism detection tool is affordable, customizable, and powerful while enabling institutions to have full ownership and control over their data.
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Why you should choose Crossplag?

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Crossplag is building a true SaaS Platform allowing institutions to have an easy self- provisioning process that includes usage-based pricing starting from 1$ per user annually. TestDrive our education workflows completely for free.
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Crossplag is a comprehensive, end-to-end plagiarism checking and academic integrity platform for universities and colleges.We enable your institution to have a fully customizable experience throughout the platform and be compliant with academic standards. Book a free demo consultation with us.
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Crossplag is the most powerful plagiarism detection tool. We are much faster than our competitors, more accurate, and can detect translated plagiarism when others can't. Read more about our software's performance evaluation by world-leading researchers.
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Want to know how Crossplag works for your institution?

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Crossplag™  for education offers an end-to-end solution for upholding academic integrity including plagiarism checking. You can get started with Crossplag for free by either using our TestDrive Cases or Scheduling a Demo with us.  

Crossplag available integrations currently are through LTI and API. You can check our LTI Compliance and API documentations here. Crossplag also offers custom integrations and white-labeling, if you want to know more Schedule a Consultation with our IT department.

Crossplag™ uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the main cloud provider while also hosting part of services across Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Our main servers are based in AWS Regions Milano and Frankfurt under a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). However, we can work with our Educational Partners to ensure their data is private and stored in regions required. 

Crossplag™ enables your institution to have full control over the data created by your institutional users and most importantly we enable you to have control if, who, and how others can access your data.

Crossplag™ prides itself as the most affordable, effective, and powerful tool for plagiarism checking. To know more about our pricing check our offers or get an instant quota