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Our plagiarism detection tool helps students, teachers, and bloggers ensure originality in their work by comparing each writing with more than 100 billion texts worldwide. Claim your free credits and improve your writings today!

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Plagiarism is a serious academic misconduct that can get you into trouble. Use our anti-plagiarism software to avoid plagiarism, and get higher grades in your classes. Join us for free today!


Crossplag is the most effective plagiarism detection software available, providing an easy way to check whether or not your papers or student papers contain original or potentially plagiarized content. Start today for free!


Become an effective writer by always checking your content for potential plagiarism. Our plagiarism-checking software will help you deliver original SEO-oriented content and ensure you have happy clients. Get started for free today.

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Yes, we offer you 10 credits equivalent to 1,000 words that allow you to try our plagiarism checking tool. You can claim your free trial here or use this link – 

You can upload any type of text file formats through our upload form. Recommended formats are Word (.doc/.docx) and PDF.

Crossplag™ supports the following languages for plagiarism checking including translations; English, Spanish, German, Turkish, Italian, French, Czech, Polish, Albanian, Serbian, Macedonian, Portuguese, Latvian, Dutch, Russian, Bulgarian, Greek, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovenian, Swedish, Finnish, Croatian, Bosnian 

Crossplag™ by default only stores your document file to present you with your results but not the contents of it. However, you can decide choose to store your document content in our databases.

We use 2CheckOut (Verifone) through which all transaction information goes through. You can read more about our Delivery & Refund Policies here.

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