Terms of services

Crossplag L.L.C and the services (“Website” or “Services”) are maintained by Crossplag L.L.C and are offered to you, the users (“You” and/or “User”), subject to your acceptance of the terms of use, changes, and notices, which we otherwise call the “Terms of Use.”


You must read the usage agreement carefully before accepting it. If you as a user violate the Terms of Use in any form, your authorization will be terminated immediately.

Acceptance of conditions

The User accepts this Agreement by clicking on the “accept” or “agree” button in the country where this option is made possible by the Crossplag L.L.C. These terms of use apply to all services provided by the Crossplag L.L.C. Users that Crossplag L.L.C 1) has informed that it may not make the services accessible to you, 2) you are an unauthorized person for use in breach of any agreement with Platform Academy, or 3) you are an unauthorized user.

Authorized Users – Acceptability

Use of Crossplag L.L.C and Crossplag L.L.C’s services are not accessible to users under 13 years of age. Use for persons under the legal age (16 years) must be authorized by the parent or guardian, a request which the Crossplag L.L.C may make to the User at any time and in any manner. If the User is under the permitted age of use, you should ask the parent or guardian to carefully read and click the “accept” or “agree” button.

“Authorized Users” are: 1) administrators of institutions, 2) professors, 3) students who are registered in the Educational Institution that has a direct agreement with the Crossplag L.L.C.

Scope of services – Changes

The Website offers several services, including, text similarity detection system, website data, articles, and various materials and information. Our services allow authorized institutions (Universities, Research Institutes, etc.) and users authorized (Professors, Administrators, etc.) who have access to documents submitted by the courses or units they attend to use the services provided by the Crossplag L.L.C to check and evaluate the submitted work and the similarity of the document with other documents which are located in the primary database of Crossplag L.L.C.

The User accepts and agrees to the form, nature of the services, and the Website from which the Crossplag L.L.C provides the services may change from time to time, without prior notice to the User. The User also acknowledges that Crossplag L.L.C may discontinue (temporarily or permanently) the provision of services or additional features/capabilities of Crossplag L.L.C to the User without prior notice.

Crossplag L.L.C’s services, including those of licensors, vendors, suppliers, and service providers, can be considered evidence to prove the level of quality and integrity of the writings of students and users in general. When a report is used to make an important decision about student performance, professors should review and evaluate the information to ensure that the right disciplinary decision is being made regarding student performance.

The User agrees and understands that Crossplag L.L.C’s services may not be used for any other purpose or towards any other party than those written in the “user agreement.” The User must ensure that the licensees, vendors, suppliers, and service providers of the Crossplag L.L.Cwill be held free from any charges raised by the User against the acceptance of the Services, use of the information, or any other purpose.


Following the Terms of Use, Crossplag L.L.C licenses you with the non-transferable, non-exclusive right to use the services, Website, and services of Crossplag L.L.C without the right of personal or commercial benefit from the services and Website of Platforma Academy.

You agree to use the Crossplag L.L.C website and services only as follows; 1) if you are an administrator associated with different units in Crossplag L.L.C through one Institution, 2) if you are a professor associated with different units of Crossplag L.L.C through one Institution, 3) if you are a student connected to different units through our software within an institution, 4) if You are an individual user associated with the Crossplag L.L.C, 5) if you are an independent individual user with limited rights of use.

To avoid doubt, you agree or agree that any license granted to You does not allow you to 1) modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, transfer, damage, collect, or sell any information or service from the Crossplag L.L.C website without the permission of  Crossplag L.L.C, 2) trade, rent or lease, re-license the services, or use the Crossplag L.L.C website or services for commercial gain and use, and 3) cause, allow, decompile, recompile, re-engineer, or share, any part of the website technology.


You or the person who authorizes you to submit a document to Crossplag L.L.C for any purpose involving Crossplag L.L.C’s services will retain ownership of the submitted document. Under the terms of use agreement, Crossplag L.L.C reserves the right to store and use your document submitted within the database only to review the similarity of other documents with parts of your document, or your document in general for calculation and specification of the level of similarities and other services offered by the Crossplag L.L.C.

All materials created by the services, including the format of the originality evaluation reports, the form of comments, feedback, and specifications, and everything that is part of the intellectual property of the Crossplag L.L.C are the property of the Crossplag L.L.C. The Website is protected by law on copyright protection and other applicable laws of the United Status. Unless you have any special permission to access the services and materials owned by Crossplag L.L.C, you have no right to the intellectual property and/or primary Information of Crossplag L.L.C. The Crossplag L.L.C reserves all rights not stated in the user agreement.

License from You

If you submit a document or other content in connection with the Services of Crossplag L.L.C, You grant Crossplag L.L.C the right of non-exclusive, perpetual, non-refundable, non-compensatory use of the documents and content submitted to Crossplag L.L.C for; 1) providing services, and 2) improving the quality of services of the Platform Academy.

You also agree that the Crossplag L.L.C retains these rights even after termination of the User Agreement. Any interruption of the use of the Crossplag L.L.C website or services by both the User and the Crossplag L.L.C will not be the basis for the prohibition of this right that Crossplag L.L.C holds to the content you submit to the program. All submitted documents will be kept at the discretion of each Institution through which the documents are received and with which the Crossplag L.L.C has an agreement. Unless otherwise stated, including the Privacy Policy any communication or material of any kind you email, post, or transmit through the Crossplag website ( excluding Student, Staff, and Student Registration lists and Information their personal, any documents uploaded to the Website, comments, and ratings ) included, questions, suggestions, and other information will be used as non-confidential information. You give the Crossplag L.L.C the non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable right to reproduce, transmit, display, publish, archive, and use your communications on our Website to do business. The Crossplag L.L.C is free to use all ideas, concepts, techniques, knowledge, and information in your communications, including developing and using products and services based on these communications. For example, if you would suggest a feature that Crossplag L.L.Cwould include on the Website or services it offers, Crossplag L.L.Cwould be free to proceed with that feature without notifying you or asking for any additional permissions, as well as without given any additional compensation to you.

Registration and Passwords

If you are an administrator, you agree to 1) provide class or class identification numbers and passwords only to professors/instructors, 2) do not make statements that your Institution uses the Crossplag L.L.C Services concerning any unit if that unit does not is registered.

If you are a professor/instructor, you agree that; 1) provide names or identification numbers to find the units to which students/users will submit documents, and 2) do not declare that students/users under your jurisdiction are using the services of the Crossplag L.L.C if users are not registered to use the services of Platform Academy. 

If you are a student/user, you guarantee that 1) You are registered in the Crossplag L.L.Cand in all units required by the professor/instructor, and 2) the password with which you log in to the Crossplag L.L.Cwebsite is yours personal, given to you by the Crossplag L.L.C, Professor / Instructor, or Administrator.

You are solely and personally responsible for any and all uses of your account. If you are notified of any privacy breach, unauthorized use of your account or password, please contact us at support@ However, you agree to maintain your account’s confidentiality, password, or any other information that connects you to the Crossplag L.L.C. Under no circumstances should you transmit or make your password or any Platforma Academy password known to anyone or in any form, including but not limited to web pages, blogs, complaints, advertisements, or any posting on internet, public newsletter, or any file that is or can be accessed from any public network.

You agree to use unit numbers and/or login names, passwords and that you will not attempt to log in with a password that has not been expressly provided to you by the administrator, instructor, or Platform Academy. You also agree to report any suspicions you may have about unauthorized access and use of your account by a third party.


The Crossplag L.L.C, in its sole discretion, may suspend or terminate access to the Website for 1) prevent damage or degradation of the Services; 2) obey any law, rule, court order, or any other state request; 3) protect the Crossplag L.L.Cfrom any potential for violation of laws in the United States; 4) under the violation of the Agreement of Use.

Crossplag L.L.Cshould try to a reasonable level to notify you in advance of any violations you are committing while using Crossplag before suspending access to the Website. Suspended users’ materials may be deleted at the request of their instructor or administrator. Crossplag L.L.C may restart user access to the Website at its sole discretion, once the dispute has been resolved, under the agreements in force or to the satisfaction of Crossplag L.L.C.

You agree and agree that if Crossplag L.L.Csuspends or deactivates your account, You may be barred from accessing the Services, account details, or any other file or content relating to your account.

Originality and Similarity Report

If you are an administrator or instructor, you agree to be bound by any Crossplag L.L.C notification (including legal notices regarding Crossplag L.L.C rights and primary information (e.g., copyright and trademark) and disclaimers within the Platform. Any disclosure of authenticity reports to any third party by You is at your own risk and may violate privacy rights or applicable laws. The value and/or feedback and comments received from the Crossplag L.L.C Services should be considered evidence. When a value is being used to make a significant decision to the User, Instructors and/or Administrators should reassess that the decision is made on the performance or similarity outcome is appropriate. Accurately and under the laws of the United States of America and the relevant Regulatory Authority.

You next agree to exercise your independent judgment and professional and hold full responsibility for the poor decision and measures taken to work in the primary level resembles j s hmërisë in the paper submitted by acknowledging and understanding that the authenticity of the reports is only tools for detecting the similarity of the text between different works and articles without finally deciding on the existence of plagiarism. This decision is based on the professional judgment of the professor/instructor and the Institution.

Compliance of use

You agree to use the services and Website of Crossplag L.L.C only for the purposes permitted by 1) this agreement of use and 2) any applicable law, rule, practice, or administrative instruction under applicable laws of the United States of America or other states in which the Crossplag L.L.C operates. You agree not to access or request access to any Crossplag L.L.Cservices or websites other than the Crossplag L.L.Cwebsites. You agree not to access or request access to any of the Crossplag L.L.Cservices or websites by any automatic method (including “eng; scripts, web crawlers”), and you must ensure that you adhere to all other instructions You are displayed on the Crossplag L.L.C website.

You will not transmit or transfer or communicate any document on or through the Website that 1) prohibits the navigation and enjoyment of other users on the Website; 2) is illegal, threatening, abusive, defamatory, profane, or offensive; 3) constitute or encourage criminal activities or violate the law and the AgreementAgreement of use in any form; 4) infringes or violates the rights of any third party including privacy, primary information, or any other copyright; 5) contains any virus or other harmful components for the Website and services; 6) contains false information or misleading indications as to the origin of the facts. The Crossplag L.L.C reserves the right and has no obligation to remove any User’s Communication to the Website. Crossplag L.L.C reserves the right to suspend the access of Users who do not comply with the user agreement at its sole discretion.

As a condition of using this Website, you as a user of this Website and the services of Crossplag L.L.C agree that you will not use the Website or the services provided by Crossplag L.L.C for any illegal activity or purpose prohibited by this Agreement.

Under the terms of use, you are not allowed to use the Website and services of Crossplag L.L.C for any purpose other than the conditions stated in the AgreementAgreement for use.


By agreeing to the terms of use, you agree that you have read and fully understand and understand the privacy policies attached to this Contract and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this policy.


From the Crossplag L.L.C website, all information and all services provided, including viewing resources, are presented as written by the original authors of the works, with all errors made during the work. The Crossplag L.L.C. Crossplag L.L.C does not improve the original authors’ work; associates, suppliers, and all partners of Crossplag L.L.C do not guarantee that the services provided will meet all your expectations and all searches generated by the Website will be completely accurate. The Crossplag L.L.C does not warrant that the Website and the Services provided will be unobstructed or that potential barriers to use will be rectified immediately upon request.

However, Crossplag L.L.C. guarantees that specific problems you may encounter will be resolved as soon as possible, and Crossplag L.L.Cwill maintain a rigorous attitude towards continuously improving your experience and interactivity with the Website and services offered.

Since all services provided by Crossplag L.L.C are accessible from the internet, you agree that Crossplag L.L.C does not contain any control over the quality of the internet you accept, and 1) that you may be exposed to other malicious software and sites, 2) that outsiders may attempt and/or misuse or damage your data by unauthorized access that may be obtained in various ways. The Crossplag L.L.C will not be held responsible if your password is lost or made accessible to unauthorized persons. For this reason, Crossplag L.L.Crecommends changing your account password regularly.

As the Crossplag L.L.C contains a rigorous attitude towards continuous improvement, the Crossplag L.L.C website and services may be temporarily suspended from time to time due to technical maintenance and improvement of problems presented to the benefit of the User. Crossplag L.L.Cassumes no responsibility for interruptions, deletions, defects, delays, technical malfunctions, computer systems, internet speed, operating equipment, or damage to any user equipment used while using the Platforma Academy website or services.

Limitation of liability

Crossplag L.L.C. is not liable for any damages (including; direct, indirect damage to reputation, loss of credibility, loss of profits, and/or business interference) that may result from the use of the Crossplag L.L.C. website or services.

If you are an Institution or instructor, You agree that in any allegation related to any irresponsible action discovered by the Crossplag L.L.C website and services, Crossplag L.L.C will not be held liable or involved in 1) decisions and measures taken to irresponsible actions; 2) for any disclosure of information shared with the public based on authenticity reports provided by the Crossplag.

Own remedies

If you are an institution or instructor, the only legal remedy you can use to express dissatisfaction with the use and dissatisfaction with the Crossplag L.L.C website and services is to prohibit the use of the Website and services.


You agree to indemnify, protect, and retain the Crossplag L.L.C, associates, officers, directors, employees, agents, partners, suppliers from any charges, losses, damages, costs, and expenses that may arise from 1) use of the web site and services; 2) violation of the rights of any third party, including privacy, copyright, and intellectual property; 3) violation of the laws in force of the United States of America, 4) violation of the AgreementAgreement of use.

This indemnity applies to the charges between you and Crossplag L.L.C and any charges by any third party. You agree to cooperate reasonably against any allegations against Crossplag L.L.C, and You will not settle these charges without the approval of Crossplag L.L.C. The User’s obligation to protect and compensate the Crossplag L.L.C exceeds the user agreement’s liability.

The Crossplag L.L.C reserves the full right to change the terms and AgreementAgreement of use.

Changing the terms of use
  1.  This user agreement contains the legal AgreementAgreement for the use of the Website between you and the Website and services of Crossplag L.L.C, excluding any other service specified in any other agreement/contract in writing.      
  2. This AgreementAgreement may be alienated from the Crossplag L.L.C, even if the Crossplag L.L.C is liquidated, reorganized, or re-incorporated. You agree that there is no relationship between you and the Crossplag L.L.C, which may give rise to a conflict of interest in the use or conclusion of this AgreementAgreement.      
  3. Allowed in full and under the legal framework, You agree that any charges or actions issued, issued, or directed based on the Crossplag L.L.C website and services must be resolved within 365 calendar days, or otherwise, the charges or the action will last forever.      
  4. You agree that Crossplag L.L.Cwill notify you of the latest changes regarding Platform Academy, including new products and services to be developed, as well as improvements to current services.      
  5.   This Website is controlled and administered by the headquarters of Crossplag L.L.C in Beaverton, Oregon 97008-7105 US, and all documents and personal information that you upload to Crossplag L.L.C. resides on the servers of Crossplag L.L.C.      
  6.  Crossplag L.L.C and all other names of products and/or services displayed on the Website are the property of Crossplag L.L.C and may not be used in connection with any activity that is not the activity of Crossplag L.L.C and may cause any ambiguity between customers. All trademarks and materials displayed on the Crossplag L.L.C website are the property of Crossplag L.L.C.      
  7.  Crossplag L.L.C website contains hyperlinks to other websites that do not agree or are supported by Crossplag L.L.C. As such, these websites may not represent the views and principles of Crossplag L.L.Cand Crossplag L.L.Cwill not be held responsible for the terms of use of other websites. The Crossplag L.L.C will not be liable for any damages you may incur to third-party websites.      
  8.   If you are an authorized user as an instructor, agent, or administrator of any institution with which the Crossplag L.L.Chas an agreement, and the user agreement conflicts with the AgreementAgreement between the Crossplag L.L.Cand you as a user, then the above elements apply in the Contract. This only applies to items that conflict with the user agreement.