Privacy Policy

Crossplag L.L.C  respects all rights and privacy of personal information. We are committed to protecting your personal information at high-security levels using SSL encryption, sophisticated firewalls, data storage in several different locations, and many other security measures.

Crossplag L.L.C  is in line with the security standards of the United States of America and the European Union.

We ask that you read our privacy policies carefully and ask us for any ambiguities regarding your privacy policies or other concerns.

Purpose of personal data

To create accounts on Crossplag L.L.C  for academic and managerial staff, we ask you for personal information such as; name, surname, email address, Institution, and other specifics that help us manage the accounts as accurately as possible and so that we can provide you with the best possible services. All the information we seek is related to a purpose; access to the plagiarism detection system, the generation of statistics, and other services that you can see now and in the future on our website.


” You can change or even completely delete all your personal data by contacting us at support@

Data protection 

We strive to keep your personal information safe on our servers at all times. Passwords will be required to access your account and personal information. Please keep your passwords in a safe place and treat them confidentially. When a user uploads a document to Crossplag L.L.C, the document is compared to a secure document database that contains millions of records, articles, writings, and scientific publications.

“ Crossplag L.L.C  does not reserve the intellectual property of any submitted works, and we will not use any of the information in your works other than to provide and improve the services provided. The plagiarism detection system and the services provided do not stand to judge any offense. Crossplag L.L.C  aims to facilitate the work of the Institution and the academic staff to view and compare only the writings uploaded to show similarities and not to provide access to all student works from other institutions, including the work of your Institution to other Institutions . “

Privacy policies

Privacy policies apply to all websites and aspects of the services of “Crossplag L.L.C ” These policies explain how Crossplag L.L.C  uses, views, and secures your personal information. The information obtained from Crossplag L.L.C will be used only for the purpose that your interaction with “Crossplag L.L.C ” is as satisfactory as possible.


Crossplag L.L.C, based in Beaverton, Oregon 97008-7105 US, serves a broad community of students, professors, writers, and academics, for whom information on information security and privacy on the Internet can be extensive. Crossplag L.L.C  not only respects all opinions but will also carefully obey the laws to protect personal data security.


Crossplag L.L.C, based in Beaverton, Oregon 97008-7105 US, serves a broad community of students, professors, writers, and academics, for whom information on information security and privacy on the Internet can be extensive. Crossplag L.L.C  not only respects all opinions but will also carefully obey the laws to protect personal data security.

Crossplag L.L.C

Development of legislation

Based on the nature of personal data protection law, we reserve the right to make changes based on needs and changes in the world of information security. Therefore, we urge you to continually review your Privacy Policy to see if any changes have occurred.

Personal data

As we provide specific educational services, we advocate for the protection of students and all users’ data, and we want to make sure that all users and, in some cases, user caregivers know where we stand with the protection of personal data.

The information we receive

When you create an account on Crossplag L.L.C, we ask you for some personal information such as name, surname, telephone, job title or name of the Institution, and more. The information in question serves to 1) verify your correct identity and connection with any institution or company; 2) allowing the uploading and downloading of various documents through Crossplag L.L.C ; 3) to confirm the valid submission of multiple documents; 4) informed about important information about the services and Crossplag L.L.C; 5) to notify us when opening an account, resetting your password, and successfully uploading documents; 6) as well as to provide various privileged support to you as a user.

When using the services and the Crossplag L.L.C website, we will automatically save the type of device you are accessing (e.g., phone, tablet, computer).

Since Crossplag L.L.C  stores the personal data of their clients, it does not mean that it will directly connect with the individuals from whom it receives data or provides services.

Users of Crossplag L.L.C  who use the website or accept the services through an institution that has an agreement with Crossplag L.L.C should contact the Institution to which they belong, to deny access to the use of Crossplag L.L.C  services.


Crossplag L.L.C always leaves all users who choose to be informed by Crossplag L.L.C about various essential communications.


” Any individual seeking access to the modification, deletion, or retrieval of any data provided to Crossplag L.L.C, should contact the Institution through which Crossplag L.L.C  serves you or directly to Crossplag L.L.C. If the institutional client wants us to delete, modify, or withdraw any information about any of the users, we will respond to the request within 72 hours and confirm the changes. ”

Evidence and Recommendations

If you choose to share any criticisms, suggestions, or recommendations for the provider (which we would very much appreciate), you in no way retain the right to compensation in the event of improvement by the provider. We will publish this evidence or recommendations only after we received in writing from you that we have the permission to publish this evidence and recommendations.

Extraordinary circumstances

We may disclose your personal information to comply with any court summons, court order, or any legal process that requires Crossplag L.L.C  to cooperate and legislate within the United States of America.

Suppose Crossplag L.L.C is involved in any business restructuring or asset sales (liquidation). In that case, you will be informed about them via an email address, any announcement on the website, in your profile, and you will be able to choose between several opportunities you have towards your personal information, which is found on Crossplag L.L.C.

Technologies used

  1. Cookies

Crossplag L.L.C  and all partners use cookies or similar technologies to analyze various trends related to the website’s administration, the movement of users within the website, and the detection of user demographics as a whole.

However, you can check if cookies are allowed by you or not. If you deactivate the use of cookies, then you limit the use of several different functions.

  1. Advertising

Crossplag L.L.C  does not display any advertisements on our website and throughout the services we provide. However, Crossplag L.L.C  cannot guarantee whether other websites will use their methods (such as cookies) to display ads based on your interests.

Personal choice

Crossplag L.L.C always offers the free choice of what you want to be informed by Crossplag L.L.C and whatnot, in addition to information about the system and changing passwords.

You will also have the option of choosing communication information from Crossplag L.L.C  at the start of opening your account. You will have the opportunity to change your personal information in the administration of your account.

Transfer to third parties

“Your personal information will not be made available by the provider to any third party. In no way will Crossplag L.L.C  sell or share your information with any other organization, Institution, or business. If you suspect any breach of your personal information and privacy policies, please contact us at”


We strive to keep your personal information secure at all times and in all circumstances. Your information is stored on Crossplag L.L.C servers and secured in various ways, including SSL encryption, data storage on several different servers, and other sophisticated methods of protecting personal data. Passwords will require you to log in to Crossplag L.L.C  services, so please keep your password secure and treat it as confidential information. It should also be noted that even with the most sophisticated systems security methods, it cannot be guaranteed that unauthorized third parties may obtain your information.

Data integrity

We take every possible step to ensure that our systems’ personal information is relevant to the correct and proper use. Crossplag L.L.C  will ensure that data processed on behalf of institutional clients will not be misused in any way and that it will be kept secure while Crossplag L.L.C  provides services. If for any reason you (institutional clients) wish to discontinue using Crossplag L.L.C, then you must contact us based on the information exchanged in the concluded agreement.

Crossplag L.L.C  database includes academic papers submitted by students, professors, and all users, including information from the Internet. When an instructor wants to check a plagiarism level document, the document is compared with millions of pieces of information to see the paper’s level of similarity with the Crossplag L.L.C database information.

Crossplag L.L.C  serves as a tool for controlling various works based on software functions and does not judge any user’s intellectual property. Instead, judging documents and intellectual property is the instructor or Institution’s responsibility, based on their internal operating rules. To assure the similarity of the works, Crossplag L.L.C  offers the opportunity to view the words, sentences, or paragraphs of a similar position with the compared work.


” In some instances, like the works of others, there is no opportunity to look at the work as a whole. The opportunity to view results and articles in their entirety applies only to information from the Internet and products within your Institution. The products and documents submitted are your property, and we will not use your documents for any purpose other than to support and develop our services. 

Changes in Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy at any time. Please review our privacy policies from time to time to stay informed of possible changes. Crossplag L.L.C  will announce the day when the Privacy Policies have recently changed. If we decide to use your personal information for any reason other than as stated in the Privacy Policy, we will inform you via your email, which is linked to your Crossplag L.L.C account, and request your permission to use the information in the manner specified in the email. If for any reason, you decide that we may not use your personal information in the way stated in the email, then we will continue to use your information as before.

The importance of privacy

Our goal is to become your partner in developing quality and integrity in education, building a modern and robust foundation for educating current and future generations. Crossplag L.L.C  empowers educators, instructors, writers, and students to maintain academic integrity for the benefit of improving teaching methods, process, and level. Since your concerns are also our concerns, we promise that we will do our best to protect your personal information and respect our privacy policies.


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