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A proper similarity checker for single and cross-language that takes into account translations and more than 100 billion writings worldwide.

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Crossplag™ supports the following file types: Microsoft Word, PDF, Rich Text, Plain Text, and PTT.

Single Language Analysis

Single Language Analysis identified similarities of the document agains all available sources based on the document language. Similarities are then classified as highly identical, possible altered text, and cited text.

Cross Language Analysis

Cross Language Analysis or Translation Plagiarism Analysis identifies similarities of a document across two languages by translating the document content from original to target language. Translated contend then is used to conduct further similarity analysis. Similarities are then classified as highly identical, possible altered text, and cited text.

Similarity Report

The Similarity Report presents similarities of a document with every other document available for checking based on user access rights.


Crossplag™ offers detailed analytics for the educational institution by providing an overview panel with main insights and data regarding plagiarism prevention and user activities.

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