The fundamental part of raising your company to new heights is promoting it properly and reaching the right people. But what’s the best way to do so?


Unlike Depeche Mode which promotes silence, we encourage the usage of words to make your message loud and clear.

In the company department of writing there are two forms of writing: content writing and copywriting.

Through content writing, you will make a detailed presentation about the company, and through copywriting, you will do a kind of product advertising, while content writing informs customers about a particular topic, copywriting helps increase sales for a business.

To better understand the essence of these two, this article will focus on explaining content writing and copywriting.

What is Content Writing?

Content writing is about valuable content that is created to inform readers. Content writing is a process of content writing, planning, editing, and publishing content on the web.

Since content authoring is now developed in a digital format, it is much simpler to develop. In the time before the development of the Internet, all content writing was presented in manual form.

When we say in manual form, we mean the publications in written form and it was difficult to provide that content to read. Now it is not necessary to run through libraries, or to other cities to get information on certain content. 

All you need is one click on the website and you will get all the information you need.

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Another advantage is that printed publications cannot be updated immediately. While writing content on the website it is easier to update and give the latest information on a certain topic.

If we take an example, of a book on the basics of a programming language, programming languages have evolved over the years. Thus, in the books published for this, we can get only the basics but not all. 

The things that have evolved can be found more easily in the blogs written for them because they also include the new changes. So, in general, the role of content writing is to be informative and educational in one form or another.

When is content writing used
When is content writing used

Does content writing play an important role in marketing?

Although content writing is informational content that is written in digital format for blogs, it is also used for presenting a company.

How is a company presented through content writing?

Content writing is a fundamental skill of any business, regardless of the selling point of that business.

Content writing plays an important role in business marketing that provides reliable and attractive information to customers.

It is important to remember the basic steps of content writing: creation, research method, planning, editing, and interesting points.


Every content writer should have a creative flair. The broad horizon of creative thoughts and the ability to write are the basis of any writer. Content writing should be as informative and interesting as possible.

To start writing good content, first, create a working outline and look at other people’s work as a guide.

To create content that will respond to the demands of readers, you need to start by knowing the topic. Knowing the topic by developing some kind of outline helps you stay within the meaningful content.

By developing an outline before you start writing directly, also see the real picture of how your content will be. By drafting every idea you think should be included, you will touch on key points that will be informative to readers. 

On the other hand, taking the works of others as an orientation template is an additional possibility. 

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Because there are events that the topic you are going to talk about has already been discussed several times. To be more precise with readers’ requests, see what others have included in their works. 

See if they have fulfilled the readers’ requests and try to ask what they are looking for.

So, in this form, your work will be truly effective because you have reflected informative content.

Research method, planning, editing 

Any content writing, whether for an article, social media or digital audio, or even for businesses, should first be researched on the topic.

Learn more about what you want to write, get to know what others have written before you, and how audiences have received it. After each search, you need to plan what the content will look like, the images and when it will be published.

But before publishing, the topic should be edited more carefully. Editing the topic can take time, but this is the best way to ensure that the content writing is not useless content.

It is important to stick to these three points when writing content to create something that will be informative and well-structured. As a result, customers would probably be more likely to read it if it was presented this way.

Interesting points

It is important to choose interesting points when content writing so that the writing is more powerful, reliable, and appealing. 

Make your content stand out by choosing a focal point. In other words, when you are writing your content, you can mention things that have happened in real life, for example, a story, or a development.

They all have the potential to attract the reader’s attention. Readers can easily relate to real-life content, especially if it is related to real-life situations. 

How can content be made attractive?

As it was said a little above, an article attracts the reader’s attention more when things are explained with events from real life. 

Some concepts can be more difficult to understand so content writing should also include examples. In this form, it will be more understandable, attractive, and in some way educational for the reader.

As for the story that should be included in the content writing, it is another strong point that makes the content interesting and strong. 

Because a past and facts from it are being mentioned. When things are linked with evidence, your content writing will be more credible. In some topics, the reader needs proof related to it to understand that it is as it says.

Therefore, it is necessary to mention facts and events from real life. In this form, the writing of the content is more reliable and attractive for the reader.

A guide to writing reader-friendly content

Good content writing starts with a good writer. A good approach and the ability to make the topic more attractive and compelling are the basis of content writing. But among these are some other key points that every content writer should adhere to.

For content writing to be effective, you need to start with a good headline. The headline is the basis of the writing and should be compelling, simple, short, and attractive to the reader’s eye.

They say ”Never judge a book by its cover”, but the moral doesn’t apply to articles as a good title (read: cover) will more likely determine how much your article will get attention. No matter how good the content is, if you’ve picked a not-so-much-attention-seeker of a title, chances are they’ll move away to another article.

Another important point is the content entry. Even if the title impresses the reader, if the introduction starts with the wrong approach, then the reader immediately gives up. Therefore, the introduction should leave an impression on the reader to continue reading the entire article.

Also for any content writing, the key point is to know the purpose of the writing. Assigning a keyword helps you focus on the purpose of the content writing you’re going to do, without straying from it. 

Each time keep a section of notes with keywords that define the purpose of the work. To determine the basic search for your content.

Meanwhile, if the structure is too crowded, readers give up at first glance. Breaking it up into paragraphs and being pleasing to the reader’s eye is a good form of structure.

Writing content through these points is based on gaining a wide audience and maintaining informative standards.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is a writing process used for advertising and marketing that helps in the process of selling products. Copywriting is the basis of the writing process for materials in a form that convinces customers to buy, click or even donate.

When is copywriting used
When is copywriting used

The role of copywriting in the business industry

The role of copywriting is to find a plan of phrases, paragraphs, or short words, a type of text for selling products and services. For companies that sell products, good copywriting plays a key role in selling them.

Copywriting is a type of advertisement for a particular business that appears in:

Although the design of an ad can be attractive, the copywriting part is what convinces the customer about the product. No customer is attracted to buy or contribute unless there is writing that convinces them about the product.

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Because copywriting is designed to sell, it should then focus on selling points. Basic information about the product or company is what earns customers’ trust.

Copywriting plays a big role in how it presents a persuasive paragraph to customers. Therefore, a copywriting professional must know the strengths of a product to convince customers about it.

So copywriting is what helps us gain an audience by not expanding on unnecessary parts. And this is the best way to present your business or products through copywriting.

The differences between copywriting and content writing

If you have decided to be a writer of either of these two types of writing then it is important to understand the differences between them. 

Starting from the main difference, copywriting is an advertisement of the product or company, while content writing is an informative process on a particular topic.

Another difference is that copywriting wants readers to immediately subscribe to a group, newsletter, or customer to immediately buy a product, while content writing is more based on attracting readers to build their trust and provide reliable information.

Copywriting is about convincing the customer about a product and encouraging people to buy it. Even though the format is written,  can manage to convince people of what it aims to do. This form of writing is more short-term, only for as long as the purpose, it is talking about lasts.

The purpose of content writing is to provide information about a specific topic. In content writing, the goal is to build trust with the customer by providing basic information on what the customer is looking for.

Content writing is what encourages loyal customers to build relationships with your writing and helps them around a topic with the guidance provided in the content. This type of writing is long-form and is written in blog form with longer sentence content.

The copywriting is done in a shorter form, usually for:

While content writing is written for longer content such as:

Both of these interact with each other, as copywriting advertises the information that content writing provides.

Content writing vs copywriting
Content writing vs copywriting

An overview of content writing and copywriting

Content writing and copywriting play an important role in growing a business. Now that things have evolved, it has become easier for both of these to happen over the internet.

Content writing conveys informative messages to customers. Through content writing, businesses operate on their audience and try to gain their trust. But on the other hand, copywriting offers you sales of products for the company to circulate in the market.

Both of these are different from each other, but in some way, they are related. How can they connect? Well, while content writing provides information to a business, copywriting encourages them to buy, sign up or donate.

Writing content in some form is educational to the audience through blogging on a particular topic. Any business or even you decide which of these types of writing you need.

So, using content writing helps you gain customer trust. But on the other hand, copywriting increases your business through the form of sales.