We’re thrilled to announce that our AI detector has got a significant upgrade, resulting in more enhanced functionality. This update brings users more accuracy, an expanded word limit on AI detection, and fewer mistakes in flagging content incorrectly.

Here’s what you can expect from the new, fine-tuned AI detector

By tackling these three issues that have come as feedback from our user base we believe that we now offer a better and more reliable AI detector.


Enhanced Accuracy

The improved AI Content Detector is now much better at its job. It has become more accurate by carefully examining the text with greater thoroughness.

Our AI Content Detector has undergone various improvements in order to provide you with better accuracy. These changes and improvements have enabled our algorithm to better understand and interpret the content it analyzes, which results in more precise detection.

To achieve this level of enhanced accuracy, we’ve implemented a series of changes that improved our algorithm significantly, enabling our AI detector to become more refined and reliable.



Word limit increased 

In the previous version, our AI detector had a limitation of checking only up to 1,000 words, which proved to be a rather low threshold. However, based on the feedback from our user base, we’ve increased the limit up to 3,000 words!

By increasing the word limit, we aimed to serve our users with a wider range of content and meet their evolving needs on AI detection. This expansion will allow them to analyze longer and more extensive pieces of text.





Minimized false positives

In the previous version, there were some instances where our system flagged content incorrectly. However, a new and fine-tuned AI detector now demonstrates a higher level of accuracy in correctly identifying content, while reducing the occurrence of false flags.

Through various adjustments and refinements, our team worked on and improvised the algorithm’s ability to better distinguish between human-written content and AI-generated ones. Fine-tuning has proven results that there are way fewer false positives and a reduced likelihood of error in identification.



Try out the new AI detector here now!


We genuinely hope that you will enjoy the improved functionality and find it valuable in your AI detection journey. Crossplag remains committed to providing you with only cutting-edge AI detection, and we appreciate your feedback and support.