The most advanced & affordable similarity checking tool.

Academic integrity is not just about the rules. It's about honest and original work.

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Lightning-fast authenticity verification with our AI Content Detector

Originality has a new threat, and here's the solution.

Crossplag™ for everyone!​

The most holistic approach to upholding academic integrity


Our plagiarism detection tool helps students, teachers, writers, and bloggers ensure originality in their work by comparing each writing with more than 100 billion texts worldwide.


Our self-provisioning plagiarism detection tool is affordable, customizable, and powerful while enabling institutions to have full ownership and control over their data.


Our Similarity Report API enables your business to ensure originality and easily integrate with your current workflows. We offer white-labeling solutions to education and publishing businesses.
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What is Crossplag™?

Crossplag™ is the most holistic tool for plagiarism checking dedicated to democratizing plagiarism checking while enabling users to have full ownership and control over their data.

Why Crossplag™?

We help you publish original and honest work
while keeping your data protected

Originality Checking

Crossplag™ is the first and only plagiarism tool offering both single-language and translation plagiarism checking in more than 100 languages.

Unique Workflows

Our unique role-based workflows are designed to optimize the efficiency of upholding academic integrity for every type of institution and business.

Data Protection

Crossplag™ treats intellectual property rights, data privacy, and data control very serious and we believe you should control how, where, and who can access your data.

Self Provisioning Environment

Crossplag™ offers the most flexible and transparent pricing process for you to ensure efficiency in the process.

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