The most effective and still the only cross-language plagiarism detection tool! We are here to help you focus on producing original work and improve your research skills.

Crossplag™ is one of the best similarity detection tools. It is effective, easy to use, detects cross-language plagiarism and speaks your own language!


Designed to meet your academic needs.

The first truly cross-language text similarity tool designed for students and teachers!

Do not worry if you submit a document in English, Spanish, German and many others. Crossplag™ speaks your language! Superb results in over 40 languages!

Our feedback feature helps instructors and you as a student evaluate writings through detailed feedback.

Exporting the similarity report enables you to use your documents in offline format from any device!

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How it works

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Upload your document.

Getting started with Crossplag™ is very simple to sign up and choose your subscription plan!

Once you have activated your account, you are ready to start uploading your documents to be crosschecked in any language!

Crossplag™ supports the following file types: Microsoft Word, PDF, Rich Text, Plain Text, and PTT.

Cross-language Detection.

Once you have uploaded your document through Crossplag™, you can set the language that you want to check the document against.

For instance, you want to crosscheck a paper written in English against the German literature. All you have to do is choose the German language in the upload form as a language of interest for checking the document.

Multilingual ability

Crossplag™ is language-agnostic, meaning we have billions of writings in almost every language written and spoken in the World! If you are not interested in cross-language checking, you can check a German written document against other writings in German.

When uploading documents with no interest in cross-language checking, you need to set the language of interest to none.

Offline Report

The similarity report generated by Crossplag™ is very dynamic, offering you valuable information and flexibility to better understand the similarities found.

Due to our users’ huge demand to use the report offline, Crossplag™ enables you to export the similarity report in a format that could be used for further research in offline format or for sharing it with your mentors or instructors.

Real-time Statistics

Tracking and monitoring your progress has never been easier! Crossplag™ provides a statistics dashboard where you, as a user, have Real-time data visualized through charts and graphs for a better experience.

Statistics dashboard enables you to search, sort, and export the information in widely used formats such as PDF and Microsoft Excel. Start using Crossplag™


Blog & News

THE UNIVERSITY OF MEDICINE, TIRANA JOINS CROSSPLAG We are thrilled to announce that the University of Medicine – Tirana will be using Crossplag™ in their process of mentoring Ph.D. Candidates. Starting immediately, Crossplag™ will be available for professors and committees thatRead More

What is Crossplag™ & why is it launching?
What is Crossplag™ & why is it launching?

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Introducing Crossplag™
Introducing Crossplag™

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Why is Crossplag™ your solution?

Your writings need to be truly authentic!


Crossplag™ is the first solution specialized in cross-language plagiarism detection but is the best in the market!


Crossplag™ fully encrypts all of its user information and submissions, making it virtually impossible to exploit our user's data.

Best Price

Crossplag™ is the best-cost provider in the market, sometimes compared to traditional plagiarism detection software too!